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  Pmail Delete
Version 1.00
Release date: 20 December 2001
Windows 32bit

Program description (view screen shot)
I use this program on a Novell network where we use Pegasus Mail as a client and the Netware version of Mercury for a server. The user mailboxes reside in a subdirectory named PMAIL that is located under their home directory. It works for me, it might work for you.

Add Add a directory that contains mailboxes to the list.
Select Select all the listed directories at once.
Start Start deleting in the selected directories. Other buttons will be disabled until this is done.
Clear Clear the information display area.
View log Show a log of all the files that were deleted.
About Program information that looks fancier than the program itself.
Exit Quit the program.


This is the list of directories that contain user home directories with pmail mail directories. It is NOT the actual home directories. For example if you have the following

G:\HOME\USER4 ...and so forth

You would list G:\HOME and the program would scan for G:\HOME\USER1\PMAIL for each user home directory. Only the directories in the list that are checked will be scanned for old mail.


Scan only Just pretend that we're deleting mail.

Delete unread mail The program doesn't actually read the message files, it just looks at the filename. If the filename begins with a "Y" then it is considered unread. I know this isn't completely accurate, but oh well.

Delete read mail If the filename begins with an ! then it is considered read.

Delete .PM$ files Space hogging temporary files. Deletes them if they are over 1 day old.

Write activity log Write a list of all the files that are deleted. View the log (a text file) with the View log button.

Auto exit Check this box and the program will exit after it is finished with all its tasks which can take awhile at my location (almost 10,000 users).


Set these values to how old the message must be before it is old enough to be deleted.