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Adding notes

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To add a note to the calendar double click on the appropriate date on the main screen of the program. You will then see a table in which you can enter up to ten notes and ten URLs. Notes: Add up to ten notes on the left side of the list. You can add HTML tags in the note field if you wish. Adding these tags will allow you to cause your notes to appear in bold, italic, etc.,

Note URLs: You can add a URL for each note. If you enter a URL for a note then that note will appear as a link on the calendar web page.

Enter a URL for this date: You can also specify a URL for the date. If you specify the date URL then the date number will appear as a link in the calendar web page.

Image to be displayed in this date cell: You can cause an image to be displayed in each date cell of your calendar. Specify the image filename here. You can put the path and filename of the image. If you put only the image filename then the image file must reside in the same directory as the calendar files on the web server.