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HTML Calendar Generator
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Using the program

Once the program is installed and started a default calendar will be created. You may begin using this calendar immediately.

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About: Display program version information.

Configure: View and set the various configuration options for the program. Use the configuration link above for more information.

Write: Write the HTML files to the hard drive location specified in the configuration.

Publish: Writes the HTML files as above and sends them via FTP to the web server specified in the configuration

Help: Display this documentation.

Purge: Remove old calendar entries to make room for more.

Exit: Exit the program.

Calendar selection: The drop down list below the About button allows you to select from the various calendars that you create.

Previous month: This button changes the calendar display to the previous chronological month.

Next month: This button changes the calendar to the next chronological month.

Usage graph:The number of entries that a calendar may contain is limited. The small graph by the Next month button shows how much of the calendar's capcity is used up.

Current date: The small box below the Exit button displays the currently selected date.