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Configuration > Calendars

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On the Calendars configuration screen you can create new calendars and delete existing ones.

To create a new calendar type in the name of the new calendar in the text box labeled Enter the name of a new calendar. Click on the Create a new calendar button and the new calendar will be initialized, assuming that a calendar of the same name does not already exist.

When creating the new calendar you can select the configuraton settings. In the box labled New calendar configuration settings you can select to have the new calendar use the program's default configuration settings or the settings of the currently selected calendar.

You can delete a current calendar by selecting it from the list box and clicking the Delete selected calendar button.

The Purge entries before this date date selector option on this screen selects the date to be used by the Purge option found on the main screen. When purging old calendar entries, this date determines the cut-off for deletion. Entries prior to this date will be purged.