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Configuration > Meta tags

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This section allows you to set the meta tags contained in the HEAD section of the calendar web page. None of these options are required for your calendar to work.

Web page title:The title of your calendar page. This is what will appear in the title bar of the browser that is viewing your web page. It is also what will show up in any search engines that index your page.

Web page description: A description of your web page

Reply to: An email address.

Author: The author of the web page (You).

Keywords: Keywords that describe your page. This option used to be used by search engines to index web pages, but has grown to be a much less popular indexing method now.

Add individual month name to title: Checking this box will append the name of the month of each monthly calendar to the title. So if the title of the calendar was "My calendar"" the title for the month of August calendar would then become "My calendar - August".