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Configuration > Output

This screen specifies the settings for how the program writes out the html files.

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Full path for HTML output: This box specifies the directory in which the html files will be written when you select either the Write or Publish button from the main screen. You can browse to an existing directory by clicking on the button to the right of the text box.

Start year with: Selects the month with which the years worth of calendar starts. There are three options.
HTML Output file names: The program has three options for naming the output html files for the individual months. They are as follows
File extension: Selects the extension to be used with the html output files. Two options which are .htm or .html

Start week with: This option allows you to select the day the calendar will use as the first day of the week. Simply select a day and that day will be output as the first day of the week.

Allow link to www.dbhsoftware.com: Checking this box will allow the program to add a link to my web page at the bottom of your calendar.

FTP: This section contains information needed in order for the program to be able to transmit your files to the web server hosting your calendar pages. The program uses a simple FTP transfer with no error checking, so if the settings you have are wrong it will not work and may not even tell you that it didn't. However, if the settings are correct it works quite well.